So last night I began editing one of my books and what happens? My laptop charger fries!!! 😡 Did it have to happen now? When I'm trying to be productive? Ugh! Lol I was planning on sharing a little bit of the book but it looks like it has to wait... 😞


So I have two books that are nearing completion and these particular two were written long before my current one. Why didn't I finish these and publish the others first? I had too many good ideas and That Which We Consume was one of them 😅 These are the beautiful book covers that I made... Continue Reading →

Today is one of those "emo" days so it looks like I'm going to be writing...A lot. Many factors contributed to my ever growing FEEL state, mainly sleep deprivation and the rain. Our dog pooped in the house and that just sparked a whole other array of things 😒 (Not going into it though) I'm... Continue Reading →

Blog Revamped 😍

I've changed the name, the theme, and...Well why don't you click on the menu and take a look around? 😉 I think you all will like what I've done with the place! This blog looks a bit barren in the "posts" department, I know. (The date on the last one says it all, 😅 )... Continue Reading →

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