My eyes stung with the light of the morning sun. I turned over on my stomach cursing the sunrise, in that moment I didn't care how beautiful it must've been. The sunrises weren't as pretty as they once were. The world had changed into something worse than any biblical text could have predicted. The end... Continue Reading →


Reading about them is nice right? But what if descriptions just aren't enough? I've got the remedies! I have put together some images that I believe best represent my main characters from #TWWC and #VerzanthaSolace!         I hope you like them! There will be more to come!

My laptop charger died last week as most of you know, so there's been an unforeseen delay in my writing plans. There I was, editing and proofreading Verzantha Solace and suddenly...A spark and then a smoke puff. 😞 Want the good news? I'm waiting on my replacement charger and it will be here next week!!!... Continue Reading →

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