Writing Hiatus



I won’t lie to you, after the publishing of Verzantha Solace, mama needed a break. I’ve been on a show binge, just trying to relax and maybe find new inspiration. I haven’t really been in a writing mood for the past week and I’m not going to force myself. I’ve heard a lot of writers and author’s say to, “write everyday, even if it sucks.” Even if it sucks? Why in the world would I waste my precious time writing crap? No ma’am, not I. I’ve done some of my best writing after a nice break.

Not staying active on social media is killing my promo efforts of course, but sometimes it’s just too much. I’m lucky to get a like or comment let alone a share on one of my book posts when I do talk about them. I can’t figure people out, seriously. What will it take for a little support? I just don’t have the money for paid ads and such since I’m doing everything on my own. I’m sure it shows that I manage everything on my own (random change in posting frequency). I suppose I’m still getting used to talking about myself and my work. My big question is, “how do you get people to WANT to spend their hard earned cash on YOU?” and, “What makes my work so special that people want to OWN it?”


Always full of questions… 😀


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