via Daily Prompt: Mystical The "Moon Mother" is what the children affectionately named her. She only appeared during the Waxing Gibbous moon phase and only at midnight. The curious village children ¬†would sneak out of their beds to meet the Moon Mother in the woods. All of the trees and the grass surrounding them illuminated... Continue Reading →


By "THEM" I meant my characters from ALL 3 of my books! I'm currently creating character profiles on all of my books pages! Head over to Facebook and click on the "NOTES" Sections of the book's pages to learn more ^_^    

Hey out there! I had to do a name change due to some possible confusion with my writing alias. I received some really good advice from a fellow author about how to build my presence and eventually book sales. Having writing aliases are something writers often do, but I didn't realize that may have been... Continue Reading →

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