Daily Prompt: Mystical

via Daily Prompt: Mystical

The “Moon Mother” is what the children affectionately named her. She only appeared during the Waxing Gibbous moon phase and only at midnight. The curious village children  would sneak out of their beds to meet the Moon Mother in the woods.

All of the trees and the grass surrounding them illuminated with the glow of her white aura of light. The children giggled and played as she danced around them, singing in a voice that could only be described as “Mystical”. The children believed that her songs and dances persuaded the Moon to become full. The Moon always seemed to reach it’s full phase after the Moon Mother had appeared.

The children’s parent’s had a darker view of her. It wasn’t the least bit surprising seeing as how all of the children in the village but one boy or girl would return once the Moon Mother had gone. Whether she was an evil being or a good one, she had made herself a legend.


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