The Death Dream

I couldn’t believe what I’d dreamed about this morning. How do you reassure yourself of reality after waking up from a dream like the one I had? 

I just had a dream that I died, and then went around as a ghost to visit my loved ones. I was really worried about how they were doing, but no one could see me. Then at some point, another spirit gave me a wristband (and she might have been one that was high ranking. She just seemed important to me.) that let only a special few see me so I can communicate with them.
My mom was at her friend Monica’s house sitting on the couch, watching the news. It seemed to be some time after I was gone because she wasn’t as sad anymore. I could tell she still wasn’t happy though. 
Then I somehow teleported to where Drew (my BF) was living, and it wasn’t where we live now. He was living in a new apartment, really nice. He had two dogs, one was lady and the other I’m not sure of the breed, but it was about the size of a Labrador. I guess he changed his mind about how he felt about big dogs when I died, because I do love labs ☺️
Anywho, he seemed to live alone and I think he may have gotten the second dog because of how much we talked about getting one. When he lost me, I think that was his way of coping. He looked like he was really trying to live his life happily in spite of everything. He looked a little sad still…
It felt so real to me you guys don’t understand. 😩 As for Dominic (My Son) the dream didn’t show me him, I woke up and had to pee before I could dream further…But WOW ya’ll…πŸ‘€ it’s been a long time since I could remember a dream in detail like this. 
I hope when it is my time, my family and friends won’t be sad for too long. And that the words said about me are good ones πŸ˜šπŸ™ŒπŸΎ


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