Divine Bloodlines Part 14: If You Only Knew

YASSSSSSS! Finally after about two weeks, I beat the Flu, recooped, and got down to business. Chapter 14 of my ongoing story, “Divine Bloodlines” has given me a warm, fuzzy feeling and I hope it will do the same for you readers!

This chapter was a bit of a challenge for me as I wasn’t sure which approach to take to bring  the naive but graceful Princess Malaika and the charming enigma that is Norio Cadfael closer together. They’re now traveling with Malaika’s older sister and one of Norio’s contacts, whom of which has raised suspicion of ulterior motive. (GASP! OMG BETCH! XD )

Anyway, I was really excited to write this chapter because this is the point in the story where Malaika and Norio become closer and things get increasingly dangerous and intense. Whether or not they can save Zola from the clutches of the murderous King Dorieus, only time will tell… Check out the latest chapter by clicking here —-> Part 14: If You Only Knew


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