A Single Moment Of Many

Two lovers who weren’t meant to be, stand alone on the edge of a river in an unbreakable embrace….

Hayato – Let’s go, together.

Senai – Should we? I don’t know…I don’t know anything anymore…

{Hayato holds Senai’s face in his hands.}

Hayato – You’re lying. You know everything that I know. You know that we’re both going to be married tomorrow, and not to each other. You know that we do not love our betroths, and you also know that our people are searching for us this very moment. More importantly, you know that the way we love each other will never compare to anything we ever experience in life.

Senai – Yes. I know these things Hayato, but my betrothed does not. Your betrothed does not. Our kingdoms do not…

{Senai becomes overwhelmed with emotion and cannot speak momentarily. Warm, salty, tears begin flowing down her cheeks and Hayato rubs them away with his thumbs before kissing her forehead.}

Hayato – If we do this now, it will all be over. No worries, no sneaking around.

{Senai nods}

Senai – I know my love, I know…We can be together for eternity, in spirit, in emotion. One mind, one soul in the universe. Can that not be called true happiness?

{Hayato nods. Before gifting her with a kiss on the lips. The two of them walk even closer to the strong, crashing waves of the ocean. Their toes splashed with water. The two lovers stand side by side holding hands firmly. The voices of many men calling their names in the distance grow closer.}

Hayato – In our next lives, what should we become?

{Senai is silent for a moment before smiling.}

Senai – We should become The sea turtle. They struggle so hard to make it back home but once they do, they could live hundreds of years. Should we find each other, let’s live hundreds of years together. We should explore the vast oceans and swim as deep into the depths as we can, have many offspring.

Hayato – I would love that. I’ll swim with you until the end of our days, never leaving your side even as a soul.

{Into the dark blue depths they jumped holding hands, until they made contact with the treacherous waters below them. Hayato pulled Senai into a tight embrace and claimed her lips. The waves pushed against them violently but they never let each other go. They welcomed death with open hearts and minds; happily becoming one with the earth and all of it’s creations.

Their tale was not the first, nor the last, nor was it more special than others. When love is denied it finds a way. No matter what keeps it from blossoming.}

I hope everyone enjoyed that short story! I just had a bit of inspiration I wanted to share

COPYWRITE Alexandria Reeves 2015

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim any rights to the above or below my posts, all credit due to the rightful artists.


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