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Just in case you missed it!

WATTPAD No More >:(

Sadly the risk of having your work stolen on "free reading" platforms is very high. As far as I know, no one has plagiarized my work, but I am checking around to make ABSOLUTE SURE. I wanted to use Wattpad to gain an audience for my published works but. After being in the writing community... Continue Reading →

YASSSSSSS! Finally after about two weeks, I beat the Flu, recooped, and got down to business. Chapter 14 of my ongoing story, "Divine Bloodlines" has given me a warm, fuzzy feeling and I hope it will do the same for you readers! This chapter was a bit of a challenge for me as I wasn't... Continue Reading →

The Death Dream

I couldn't believe what I'd dreamed about this morning. How do you reassure yourself of reality after waking up from a dream like the one I had?  I just had a dream that I died, and then went around as a ghost to visit my loved ones. I was really worried about how they were... Continue Reading →

via Daily Prompt: Mystical The "Moon Mother" is what the children affectionately named her. She only appeared during the Waxing Gibbous moon phase and only at midnight. The curious village children  would sneak out of their beds to meet the Moon Mother in the woods. All of the trees and the grass surrounding them illuminated... Continue Reading →

By "THEM" I meant my characters from ALL 3 of my books! I'm currently creating character profiles on all of my books pages! Head over to Facebook and click on the "NOTES" Sections of the book's pages to learn more ^_^    

Hey out there! I had to do a name change due to some possible confusion with my writing alias. I received some really good advice from a fellow author about how to build my presence and eventually book sales. Having writing aliases are something writers often do, but I didn't realize that may have been... Continue Reading →

  I won't lie to you, after the publishing of Verzantha Solace, mama needed a break. I've been on a show binge, just trying to relax and maybe find new inspiration. I haven't really been in a writing mood for the past week and I'm not going to force myself. I've heard a lot of... Continue Reading →

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