Chapter 1


Chapter 1: The Death of a King

Malaika’s (Muh-Lye-Ka) POV


Every human being is special in some way I think; not one single person is the same as another regardless of how much they have in common. What reminds me of this universal truth is that even identical twins grow up and they are the complete opposite of each other. They have the same faces but their personalities are like night and day. All of these truths that I know about how unique we are did not bring me any comfort in my own life. I knew at a very early age that I was unusually unique and special.

There’s no one else I have met that had prophetic dreams, then again I’m not allowed to go too far away from home. The reason being is that I’m one of three daughters of a King. Sadly I’m the youngest so restrictions are multiplied by ten. My two sisters, Zola and Nyah were only three years apart in age. Zola is nineteen and Nyah is twenty one. I’m the baby at age seventeen. My father, Kamau Refiloe ruled over Gahdehsein which was one of four regions in the land of Baccqueri. My mother was a victim of sorcery about a year ago but no one knows who was responsible untill this very day. This land is filled with magic and enchantment; but with all of the good,  of course there’s the bad. Special abilities like mine or variations are rare, magic is not.


The women in my family seemed to be the only one’s with the special abilities, which made us very valuable to other nations looking to grasp more power. My sister Zola is telepathic. She is so used to speaking to me with her thoughts that she forgets to speak out loud sometimes. Nyah is a healer of the highest power; She can heal any ailment by touch. I wished I could trade with her some days. Having these abilities are a gift, but I can’t say that I consider mine a gift. I see things that I don’t want to see at times. What’s worse is that I can’t see the things that I actually want to see when I want to see them. I’m not sure why I had to be the one to have such an ability. I had no choice but to accept it. My family was of African decent and for centuries the Refiloe family has sat on the throne of Gahdehsein. Being royalty had its perks but I wanted to know what it would be like to live like a normal person. Well, normal without special abilities and a constant reminder of my lineage.


Today was a big day for me, but not a happy one. There’s a meeting to discuss my wedding plans. I was the last of my sisters to be married. Zola married a prince from Igole, the region in the east. Nyah married a prince from Raythe, the region in the south. My betrothed was Prince Vidar from Karahshai, the Northern region. Gahdehsein was the Western region which I reside, I was the only one living at our mansion. My sisters were sent to their husbands. My father chose our suitors, which of course none of us were happy with. “We will only marry other royals”, my father said. If there wasn’t a throne to sit on, he would deny a marriage offer, even if they were noblemen.

I sat on the hard wood floor of my room in front of my window looking out at the downpour of rain. The skies were dark as if it were the middle of the night but it was early morning. My stomach had been doing cartwheels all night so I didn’t sleep very well. Prince Vidar and a few of his royal envoys were coming to meet with the wedding planners, and to see me. The wedding was three days from now and the closer it got to the date, the less I slept. I was dressed in a high-neck Chiffon dress that touched the floor and trailed behind me as I walked. It was white with lavender flowers, and tiered at the bottom. I always wore one of those leather waist belts when I wore these dresses; They looked like night gowns to me without one. The belt I wore today was white leather with silver swirling designs on the front. My shoes were white, four inch heels that had white ribbons for straps. They were tied with a bow in the back. The arch wasn’t painfully high so I was able to wear them comfortably.


A firm slam against my door drew my attention away from the peaceful rain outside. I quickly stood up and smoothed my dress down. If my hand maiden came in and saw me sitting on the floor she would go into a fit of rage and it would last a week. My heels clicked with urgency as I rushed to the full body mirror to do a quick check. My off-black hair came down past my shoulders, but it was styled into a curly up-do. I slightly frowned as I looked myself over. The tell tale signs of sleep deprivation were hard to miss. My once glowing, chocolate milk skin looked lackluster in the dim lighting of the room. My eyes were almond shaped, and very dark brown. My lips were slightly full with a rose pink hue. My mother used to call me her, “rose dipped in chocolate”.

My Tiara was slightly crooked so I quickly adjusted it before turning to face the door. Before I could tell whoever it was to come in, the door flung open with powerful gusts of wind. I had to squint my eyes to try and see what was going on but a sudden array of lightning spells flashed in the hallway making it impossible. Suddenly, my father’s personal guard came into the room. I had completely forgotten about my wedding anxiety in that moment. Ivor was clad in titanium and leather battle armor from head to toe. On his back was a large bow and a hefty quiver of arrows. Ivor’s size was just as menacing as the size of his bow standing at a solid six foot five with the broad shoulders and muscles to match. He was of African blood like my family, with tight, coily hair that he always kept cut short above his ears. His eyes were a soft,  rich, honey brown which often made his massive build a little less intimidating. I never saw his full face too often because he wore a half mask while on duty. However, I remember that he had a round yet prominent nose and plump, dark brown lips. I once told him he was handsome in front of my father and now, he won’t appear in front of me without his mask. I was sure he was embarrassed rather than insulted.

Ivor- My lady we have to leave immediately!

Malaika- What’s happening? Where is my dad?

Ivor- There’s no time for this come on!

He came to me, grabbed my hand and we started running. All through out the halls people were fighting. The sounds of swords clashing against swords, the heart shaking sounds and sights of speeding arrows, and magic spells being cast everywhere. I struggled to keep up with Ivor as I was no where near his height. I stood about five foot three inches tall, so my four steps were like two for him.

Everything seemed to be going by in slow motion to me. My mind couldn’t process everything that was happening. We ran downstairs into the main hall and three men were running towards, us ready to attack. I recognized the armor on the men but I didn’t want to believe it. Blue hooded robes, silver polished armor, they were the king of Karahshai’s private soldiers. Ivor let go of my hand and took his bow and three arrows from his back simultaneously. He pulled all three arrows back and let them loose on the approaching men. All three men were caught in the chest and the force knocked them backwards. My eyes were wide with shock, my heart beating frantically.

Ivor grabbed my hand and we were running through the mansion again. My damned heels were making it even harder to run so I was almost being dragged along. We went through the main kitchen and out of the door leading to the garden in the back of the mansion. He was taking me to the stables.

The crackling of thunder and bright flashes of lightning kept coming one after the other and it seemed to rain even harder. My feet were now wet and covered in small blades of grass as well as mud. Bye bye shoes.


My hand maiden was waiting next to an armored carriage in a burgundy, hooded trench coat. Ivor let go of my hand and climbed up to the driver’s seat, taking hold of the horses’ reigns without a word. He didn’t speak much normally, so I didn’t expect that to change in times of peril. There were four horses in all, each one was grey. I almost became hysterical when Eula hugged me. Eula pretty much raised me, she was more of a mother to me than my birth mother was.

Eula- Thank God you’re safe. Hurry and get in, we cannot be seen.


I nodded a little too fast but I got inside of the carriage. Eula came in shortly after me and closed the door. There was a small lock on the inside and she gave it a twist before sitting down next to me. I could hear Ivor snapping the horses reigns a few times before we were whisked away. I tried to look out of the small window and back at the mansion but I couldn’t see anything clearly due to the storm. I looked over at Eula, trying to gather my thoughts before I spoke. Her jet black hair stopped just below her shoulders and the wet tresses were clinging onto her trench coat. Eula was Native American, full blooded but she was raised by Italian parents, hence her not so Native American name. Her eyes were the darkest brown so they looked black. Those dark eyes looked back at me very weary, but she had a faint smile on her full, faintly pink lips.

Malaika- Eula what’s going on? Please tell me what’s happening. Is my dad alright?

She sighed very heavily and her eyes closed, that’s when I knew that my father was dead. I shut my eyes tightly, shaking my head back and forth as if that would make the news a lie. Eula pulled me into her bosom and gently rubbed my shoulder. I could smell the rains and a faint jasmine scent coming off of her.

Eula- Your father… Was betrayed by King Dorieus. He’s decided there will be only one Kingdom and his sons will be the one’s to rule it. You and you’re sisters are in grave danger.

My father must be dead. Eula didn’t even want to say the words so it was safe to assume the worse. I fought back the urge to fall apart because I simply couldn’t right now. I could be the next one to die…

Malaika- My sisters? Aren’t they safe within their husband’s lands?

Eula- Were YOU safe in your own father’s lands?

I went quiet then, and very still. If what I was thinking was correct, there was going to be a sea of blood surrounding Baccqueri once King Dorieus was finished. He has the largest army out of all of the royal families with an outstanding one million men.

Eula- I don’t believe King Dorieus will harm you or your sisters because the three of you are invaluable.

I felt her moving around a little before she handed me a small, yellow, letter carrying tube. They were mostly used to conveniently hide sensitive information on your person. She held it out in front of my face and I reluctantly took it.

Eula- This is where we’re taking you, guard it with your life.

There was a soaring whistling sound coming from outside of the carriage and it was closing in fast. Suddenly the carriage was hit with a force that sent us flying. I tucked the yellow tube into my bra before we came crashing down to the ground. There was so much smoke, and heat. The carriage slowly came apart each time we rolled, I could hear the galloping of the horses getting further and further away. Eula and I had been screaming but at some point we had stopped. I was thrown out of what was left of the carriage a great distance. I blacked out on the landing….











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